Company profile

Greenepic Biotech Group was acquired by PIN FU FA Enterprise in September 2013.
Due to PIN FU FA Enterprise has a complete fertilizer culture management product and system, and the Greenepic Biotech Group has many year of agricultural biotechnology products and technologies, by the enterprise integration and product combination to create a successful biotech products as well as a number of microorganisms and better fertilizer management mode.
Company developed microbial biotechnology product for agricultural use can help farmers to reach a multiplier effect on farming, not only can improve fertilizer use efficiency, increased plant growth and crop yields, also enhance crop resistance to disease.
Long-term use can better improve soil properties, so that farmers can restore the original “soil fertility” of land. Our company also has bright vision on aquaculture and animal husbandry.
Due to aquaculture and animal husbandry is also closely related to our life. In aquaculture, we have fixed algal phase and stable microbial strains to stabilize water quality.
In the animal husbandry, our company also developed potent microbial can increase feed utilization efficiency, enhance animal immunity, and improve the breeding environment.
Our company holds the ancient method of “consolidation of land fundamental” to be able to “create soil fertility”, “strengthening the body of present” to be able to “eradicate all diseases” as the business philosophy.
Because we know that we must have a good soil fertility and safe farming environment in order to produce high quality and safe products, thereby allowing consumers to eat at ease and more healthy.