1. Rice

Visit Mr. Cheng who was plant rice for decades.

Last year started to use product of PIN FU FA Biotech Co., Ltd, the effectiveness is very good. Mr. Cheng said that when sowing seeds has to start to use products, rice will be relatively strong, fertilizer and pesticide spraying can reduce the frequency of use.

Product price is higher, but overall revenue is good, 9699.17m2 original income was NT$100,000, after using this product the same area can have NT$25,000 extra income. Use this product can save labor, easy to take care and organize.


Rice from Xiluo Township, Yunlin County


2. Rice from Xiluo Township, Yunlin County

Visit farmer Mr. Chen lives in Xiluo Township.

Mr. Chen said that he has two area rice fields, the area A was earlier one week planting, and the area B was late one week planting, during the tillering period area B use PIN FU FA Biotech Co., Ltd’s product one time, after use products for 2 days rice growing was better than area A. Area B rice looks glossy dark green, ears of rice is long and full ears, so the harvest will be a good amount.

Mr. Chen said should be used once while land preparation, tiller period use once again, he was very surprised since he only use products one time and the rice growth so well. He think this product can help farmers achieve a good harvest.


Rice from Dounan Township, Yunlin County


3. Rice from Dounan Township, Yunlin County

Visit farmer Mr. Lee lives in Dounan Township.

Mr. Lee said that he was introduced by a friend use FIN FU FA Co., Ltd’s product during land preparation to improve the soil.

At first there have no significant results, but to the middle stage found rice straw was tough and dense better than the area that was not use products, headed/earing and the numbers increase 20%, there are also differences in the length of ears of rice, after improve soil condition, the root condition of rice will stronger and the growth status of rice is very good.