Peanuts from Shuilin Township, Yunlin County


Peanuts from Shuilin Township, Yunlin County

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Use PIN FU FA Biotech Co., Ltd product let peanuts easy to care and looks beautiful, peanut solid, taste better, numerous pods, harvests doubled (969.917 square meters past harvest about 500kg, now is 1000kg), use PIN FU FA products coupled with microbial organic fertilizer on crops is very good.

Using PIN FU FA product grows peanuts and Mrs. Liu did not use PIN FU FA product to compare, significantly see the differences. Mainly is need to bacteria culture then put water soak all over the farmland, turn the soil to improve the soil condition, therefore the yield will increase.

In summary, there is a comparison that one is using PIN FU FA and another one did not use, each pods all round and full, did not used was 1) each pods was single grain 2) grains are small 3) pods growth uneven.