Organic fertilizers and fertilizer production

Organic compost


1. Organic compost

Visit Mr. Liao

Mr. Liao previously operated an organic compost site, because of the smell and hygiene, nearby residents continue to protest and receive fines from environmental agency. Now after using PIN FU FA Biotech Co., Ltd organic biological bacteria, odor and flies are gone. Bacteria strong activation let the temperature easy to increase, so the organic compost can be cured. Farmers have good response after used, also have farmer who lives in Pingtung County after using participate in the competition, he was very happy to get second place



Liquid fertilizer #1


2. Liquid fertilizer #1

In this video was simply introduced Fengyuan City Cleaning Team, they received trees, food waste and other substances through microorganisms to decompose, converted garbage into bio-fertilizers (soil gold), liquid fertilizer. After complete the bio-fertilizer trial, they want to promote to national farmers to understand the benefit of biofertilizer.


Liquid fertilizer #2


3. Liquid fertilizer #2

In this video was introduced Taiwan Sugar Corporation Bau-Tian organic fertilizer manufacturing, using bagasse as compost, utilization good bacteria to help the fermentation process to complete ripe compost, after multi-step process to complete the biofertilizer. Utilize waste materials converted into another biofertilizer.