Q&A about Horion HRB animal husbandry use enzyme

Q: If sow using this product will increased obesity, affecting estrus and conception?

A: It will not gain weight, not only enhance their immunity and improve sow antibodies, sow will more healthy,
     but also improve the pregnancy rate.

Q: If have to use tap water, how to remove chlorine or disinfectants?


1. Long-term drinking tap water is not good, because it will make probiotic group which existed in intestinal digestion
    became unbalanced, affect nutrient
    absorption, and affect the health and growth.
2. Two ways to remove chlorine:
   (1) Use activated carbon filtered twice.
   (2) Use sunlight exposure to blast ponds, reduce the chlorine content.


Q: Long-term use or excessive use this product would have adverse side effects?


A: This product is a non-toxic and harmless probiotics.
      It is the health food products that human can also long-term use,
      it will not produce any adverse side effects.

Q: During treatment if sick pigs used medication, does it able to use with this product together?

A: Horion microbial agent its bacterial strains have capsule coating, it will not be killed by antibiotics, so it allows
     pesticide effect work, let species early recovery. But have to avoid mixing with disinfectants, chloride, iodide,
     copper sulphate or other interface activator, heavy metal fungicides, strong acid or alkali.

Q: Boars use this product will have what kind of effect?

A: Use this product allows boars healthier, more active in sperm motility, fertilization ability will be stronger.

Q: Does the piglet can use this product?

A: Piglet use this product can promote digestion and intestinal function, reducing piglet’s yellow-white dysentery
     and diarrhea, increased nutrient absorption, growth rapidly, and can improve the antibody, enhance immunity,
     improve survival and reduce antibiotic use and cost savings

Q: Use HOLION HRB product will increase the cost, what benefits and help will bring for poultry producer?


A: 1. It can increase nutrient absorption of feed, increase feed efficiency, reduce feed wastage and cost savings.
     2. Improve antibody immunity, and reduce disease
     3. Improve the survival rate, promote growth and improve economic efficiency.
     4. Increase in delicious meat, and improve quality.
     5. Because the protein in feed has been effectively decomposed and convert into amino acids to absorb and use,
         significantly reduce fecal odor, thus improving the breeding environment, reduce mosquito breeding.


Q: How to use HOLION HRB to breeding pigs?

A: 1. HOLION HRB can mix to feed directly. At the first week each kg of HRB can mixed with 2 tons of feed,
          a week later each kg can mix with 3 tons, and a month later each kg can mix with 4 tons.
     2. If pig farm have the water tower system can directly put into drinking water.
         Half kg of HRB adds 1 tons of water and then  adds 20 kg of molasses stir evenly.
         If have water tower automatic control system, every day can replenish
 300 grams of HRB and 10 kg of molasses.

Q: Does HRB applicable to poultry and livestock?

A: Yes, for all poultry and livestock are applicable.