Q&A about Horion microbial organic fertilizer

Q: Improper application of fertilizer will cause salt damage or soil acidification situation occurs?


A: Roughly can be categorized into several points:
1. Fertilizer applied but lack of rain or lack of irrigation water.
2. Excess fertilizer inputs
3. Salt or acidified accumulate was caused by long-term, salt accumulated to a certain concentration in the early
    stage will cause plant growth potential slow. Because plant growth potential slow, many people will think these
    plants was lack of fertilizer thus put more fertilizer, so the soil accumulated situation will more serious.
4. Use poor quality or expired organic fertilizers.




Q: The symptoms of soil salt damage occur?

1.Seed germination was unhealthy or after germination plants dead.
2.Leaves withered, this kind of withered even intensive watering cannot be revitalizing.
   Due to the accumulation of soil salinity too much, the root system was damaged,
   a large number of watering was also invalid.
3.Root browning or roots stretch blocked, normally root system appears white.
4.Leaves were green but dry, this situation shows the root system has not been damaged,
   but salt 
has been too high, with leaves evapotranspiration of water,
   salt accumulation in leaf margin causing cell death.
5.In soil have white crystals.

Q: If crop during flowering period, can sprayed HOLION to the leaves?

A: Flowering period is the stage of pollination. Do not spray directly on the pollination of flowers.

Q: The usage of HOLION microbial organic fertilizer?

     Can broadcast, apply in furrows, circulating application, or apply in small holes near the plants, mixed with
     soil get more fertilizer efficiency, can also as the basal fertilizer for organic cultivated crops.

Q: HOLION microbial organic fertilizer can supply plant nutrients for how long?

A: Can supply more than 2-3 months.


Q: How was the decomposition rate of HOLION microbial organic fertilizer?

A: More moisture in the soil, the faster decomposition.

Q: What are the fertilization methods of HOLION microbial organic fertilizer?

First to flood and then fertilization, cannot apply fertilizer first then flooded, because fertilizer may accumulate in one place. This will cause fertilizer nutrients uneven! (Fertilizer can be used land filled method avoid to waste some of the composition, since the Nitrogen will evaporate in the sun exposure.)

Q: Fruit trees in the fertilization period can be divided into several stages?

Seedling stage: Nitrogen
àa little bit more will grow faster!
Mid-term stage: Phosphorusàa little bit more can promote open root, flowering! (Too much potassium, fruit will not big)
Later stage: Potassiumàa little bit more can increase the sweetness!


Q: Packing size of HOLION microbial organic fertilizer?

A: Granular pack weight 20 kg, powder pack weight 25kg.

Q: Microbial organic fertilizer N, P, K?

A: Total nitrogen: 2.4%, total phosphorus anhydride: 1.4%, K2O: 1.3%, organic matter: more than 70%, pH: 7-8.

Q: Main raw material of HOLION microbial organic fertilizer?

A: Microbial active bacteria, tea residue, coffee grounds, rough rice, sawdust.

Q: What is the difference between HOLION microbial organic fertilizer and organic fertilizer on the market?

HOLION microbial organic fertilizer is the Council of Agriculture patent authorization production. It combines Horion microbial fermentation after more than two months to manufacture. It can improve the soil, overcome the obstacles of continuous cropping, adjust the pH, and increase fruit setting rate and fruit number.

Q: HOLION microbial organic fertilizer is belongs to raw manure?

HOLION microbial organic fertilizer is belongs to fermented fertilizer, not belongs to raw manure! In general market the comprehensive dregs (raw manure) temperature is high, and easy to hurt plants (particularly in powdery raw manure).