Q&A about Horion SRB powerful soil activator

Q: Improve soil physical and chemical effects?

 A:  - To reduce the loss.

      - Keeping fertility increased [improve cation exchange capacity].
      - Promote microbial activity, decomposition of organic matter then to release.
      - Nutrition: inhibition of harmful bacteria and reduce the occurrence of disease.



Q: How often need to use HOLION SRB to crops?

    Short-term crops
each period apply 2-3 times
    Long-term crops each period apply 3-4 times
    When sowing can mix with basal fertilizer or top dressing to use, it can keep the soil strong and activity, promote
    root  system development and increase fertility absorption.


Q: When crops withered after the typhoon, use HOLION SRB also work?


HOLION SRB is very effective for crops water congestion caused by the typhoon, it can prevent water congestion continues to worsen. The best time to use is before the typhoon and torrential rains come. Horion SRB after diluted to irrigation head, and spray, this can prevent crops water congestion caused by typhoon.

Q: After used HOLION SRB, how long can see the effectiveness?

A: For long-term crops the fastest was two weeks to see the effect.

Q: When spraying fungicides, how many time intervals are needed to use the HOLION SRB?

 A: The best is before and after an interval of 3-4 days then use HOLION SRB to get the best results.


Q: The usage of HOLION SRB?

A: One day before flooding, irrigation heads and spraying the leaves. First to use small bucket filled with 10-20 kg of groundwater, streams or rain water and then soak the HOLION SRB to culture bacteria for more than 8 hours, the next day pour into large bucket to use. After soaked Horion SRB best to run out within 2 days!

Q: How many different uses can be used?

 A: When tilling the soil with organic fertilizer + Horion SRB use together,
       you can also use by flooding, irrigation heads and spray leaves manner,
       or before the rain, during rain, after rain to use, the effect is very good,
       can also prevent water congestion.


Q: How is the price ofHOLION SRB?

A: The price is very cheap and very effective, 969.917 square meters only need use 100-200 grams, these can be diluted 2000-3000 times.

Q: Does all of crops, fruit trees and flowers can be used?

A: All plants can be used, the effect is very good!

Q: How to use HOLION SRB to exclude harmful bacteria?

A: HOLION SRB can be large number propagation in a short time,
     occupy the space of harmful bacteria,
     because there is no space allow harmful bacteria breeding,
     after all leading to death eventually

Q: After using HOLION SRB, what is the effect of pesticide residues?

A: Five days before harvest spray to leaf surface can reduce pesticide residues;
     after the harvest, during pruning to spray can prevent wound infections

Q: Use HOLION SRB will receive what kind of result?

A: After changing the soil will strengthen crop roots, branches and leaves are not easy to have invasive pests and harmful bacteria. It can fully decompose soil fertilizer and hazardous substances. It can save more fertilizers, pesticides and insecticides. Crops will healthy and strong, branches and leaves will be fresh and green, fruit will be sweeter, and early to harvest.

Q: How many ways to applicationHOLION SRB?

  A: It can be applied
2.Improve soil
3.Prevent disease (prevention of water congestion)
4.Increase crop quality and yield


Q: Could HOLION SRB prevent plant disease?

A: HOLION SRB not only can directly sprayed to plant leaves to protect leaf fungal diseases,
     can also be applied to the soil or as a seed dressing treatment to prevent soil diseases.
     For a variety of growing crops, especially for the roots development has  very significant promoting effect.
     It can also be used as an antifungal agent to prevent corrupt after the harvest of fruits and  vegetables.

Q: Does the HOLION SRB have the function of promote plant growth?

A: Horion SRB microbial preparations have microorganisms that can resist variety of pathogenic and promote plant
     growth beneficial microbial preparations.

Q: HOLION SRB is what kind of product? Is the fertilizers or pesticides?

A:HOLION SRB is a kind of live bacteria, it’s not fertilizers or pesticides such products. It can be seen as a medium,
     it can activate the soil, increase soil fertility rapidly, solve the problem of growth failure and increase crop itself

Q: Does HOLION SRB is toxic?

A: It’s non-toxic. If ingested drink plenty of water.

Q: Has clinical experiment in the field?

A: In Taiwan, started from 1966 the field testing has been conducted for 17 years.