Q&A about Horion ARB aquaculture use enzyme

Q: ARB aquaculture, how often used once in the normal state?

Ans:Depending on changes in water quality, approx ever 15-30 days apply once.

Q: ARB aquaculture can reduce the content of BOD in water?

Ans:Put Horion ARB product into pool can effectively reduce the content of BOD, COD, SS to avoid secondary pollution.


Q: If already stocking, how to use ARB aquaculture?

Ans: When the situation is emergency! When water quality deterioration, in order to balance the pH and reduce methane → 9699.17 square meter use 10kg ARB, splashed in the water near the waterwheel.

Q: ARB aquaculture, how to apply in the empty pool?

Ans:Apply to empty pool:
1.First step is to exposure pool.
2. Bitter tea meal (969.917 square meter use 50kg)(or chitonsan, per hectare use 25kg) average spilled and add water to soak for 3-4 days and then let the pool water out…(after soaking and let pool water out is because “excessive concentrations may    damage seedling”) (bitter tea meal can kill vibrio vulnificus).
3. Ripe organic fertilizer, do not use raw fertilizer, 969.917 square meter use 10 packs of Horion microbial organic fertilizer “granular”, organic liquid fertilizer per hectare use 50 liters with better results!
4. And then use ARB aquaculture (water + ARB after stirred, spill to every corner in empty pool.
5. Injected water and after soaking for a week to restocking.



Q: The function of ARB aquaculture?

1. Decompose the remaining feed and excrement.
    a) If do not decompose, it will easy to breed spoilage bacteria.
    b) If do not decompose, the ammonia will increase and cause oxygen deficit.
    c) ARB can help to decomposed into fertilizer.
2. Enhanced species digestive system function.
3. Can improve feed utilization rate and reduce feed waste.
4. Enhanced resistance, conversion ratio, and immunity of species.
5. Delicious meat, fine texture, and no smell.
   a) Muddy flavor is because the eutrophication.
6. Increase the survival rate.
7. Nutrition pool culture amino acid solution to use.



Q: ARB aquaculture product description?

A: Horion ARB is a milestone biotech product in aquaculture area. Its unique formula not only can effectively decompose fish and shellfish and other aquatic excrement, uneaten feed, plant and animal body (substance) rapidly, avoid water pollution and deterioration.
* Horion ARB probiotics can create a high quality and healthy environment, in addition to help digestion and stabilize the digestive system, enhanced nutrient absorption, improve immunity and survival.